With the way we make business, distance is no longer an issue.

GlobalSat is the leading Mexican provider in satellite Internet Access with true national coverage due to our service is able to reach any place in our country.

We offer satellite communication solutions for companies and any governmental agencies to transmit voice, data and video signals anywhere in México where cable services and ADSL do not provide coverage.

Our solution avoids typical bottlenecks of terrestrial networks.

Stable connection

Two-way access and permanent, which means that both the information you receive and send passes through the satellite, eliminating the use of telephone lines; allowing you to be online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Thanks to our alliances with the most recognized providers in the Telecommunication and Technology field, we offer a stable connection with an availability of 99.5%

Technology that grows with your business

Includes: 3.94 ft antenna or 3.15 ft; modem-router, Ethernet interface receiver and RJ45 connector, fully set up to connect to your computer or LAN network.

As your business grows, you can acquire more bandwidth using the same equipment. Our technology also supports other services such as virtual private networks and IP applications design.

GlobalSat has:

Tecnologia GlobalSat
  • At the Teleport we have 5 HUBs located at Tijuana Baja California, México:

    • 1 HUB Gilat SkyEdge for Internet, voice and video access via satellite.
    • 3 HUB Gilat SkyEdgeII for Internet, voice and video access via satellite.
    • 1 HUB Hughes HN System, for transactional data.

  • Providing the services with three antennas located in the same City.

    • 9.0 mts Ku Band antenna, fully redundant.
    • 7.3 mts Ku Band antenna, fully redundant.

  • We also count with a fully redundant high technology Teleport, we even have cold spares for many components.
  • More than 16,000 links within México thanks to our technological infrastructure.

Infrastructure and High-Tech Systems

    • Newbridge terminal equipment NB3600, NB3612, NB3606 (for private voice and data transmission).
    • Compressed video system, Scientific Atlanta brand, equipped with 10 channels, MPEG-2, AC3 Audio or Dolby, Receiver model D9835.
    • Remote VSAT terminals for point-to-point links with download capacity from 20 Kbps up to 6 Mbps and upload speed from 20 kbps up to 2 Mbps, in Ku Band.
    • Editing system and video production (for conferences and distance learning).
    • Web-based monitoring system, showing the satellite network status.

Internet Redundant Access

We have 3 vendors that have Internet outputs.

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