Data Solutions

Secure communication for your business

Our service of Data Solution allows you to connect two or more local networks in different locations to transmit or receive information required by your organization, no matter the distance between your business and the main office.

To obtain security in a virtual private network or conventional, a significant investment in equipment is not required. We have the necessary technology to achieve interconnection between your central offices and our Teleport through a dedicated link or MPLS, in order to achieve a 100% private and secure network.


VoIP Empresarial

  • Secure networks
  • Connecting remote offices
  • Better data transmission stability since the Internet Public Network is not used.
  • Ability to work with applications such as SAP, Oracle, among others.
  • Access to databases
  • Interactive data applications
  • Distribution of centralized information and points of sale.
  • Remote access to inventory management systems, payroll, and pricing, CRM and ERP’s.
  • Monitoring systems and remote surveillance

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