Backup Networks

To ensure permanent Connectivity at all times.

Planning for immediate response in case of emergency is essential for any business or governmental entity. The ability to maintain voice and data connectivity during an emergency, a human error or natural disaster must be part of the planning of any business. Having a Backup Network ensures your communication so your business may continue operating as well as reducing losses in revenue and productivity due to the lack of means of communication.

Our satellite services for Backup Network are available per event, per day, or sent and received traffic. That is, you will pay for this service only when using it.


Redes de Respaldo

  • 100% available networks
  • Works perfectly as backup for any terrestrial links
  • Installation available anywhere in Mexico
  • Completely independent from terrestrial networks.
  • Easy integration with local networks.
  • Available on-demand or in a casual basis.
  • 24 hour support, 365 days a year
  • This solution can be easily moved to operate anywhere.

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