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Get connected to the Internet with Global MX, browse and manage your data strategically according to the apps and content that you require and need.

This is the perfect Connectivity solution to any of your activities, flexible and adjustable to your needs. Besides it is an economical solution with prices in Mexican pesos. This makes it even more attractive, it will allow you to optimize your budget without having to worry about exchange rates.

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Global More

Global More offers you optimal and diverse bandwidth configurations to work with the most demanding applications, with a small investment. And if your Communication needs are greater, we have a bundle structure solution.

One of its main advantages and characteristics is a variety of MB quotas for all the traffic of information.

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Nowadays, companies' data applications are becoming more demanding as they require greater bandwidth for its performance, mainly because the contents increased their quality, they are more interactive and dynamic, or because images and videos were integrated.

GlobalSat has developed different bandwidth configurations and now they have been increased to 5 and 6 Mbps for downloads with the purpose of covering the most demanding communication necessities from our clients.

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GS Asteroid

Connect from space

GS Asteroid is an innovative connectivity solution, practical and comprehensively designed to perform the tasks of a mobile office through a group of devices that allow you to connect to the world’s largest network via satellite link, as well as to move anywhere and be able to work from any location with all required services:

  • Video surveillance.
  • Voice over IP.
  • Long range Wi-Fi wireless access.
  • Central virtualization for 3 or more PCs.
  • Videoconferencing.
  • Broadband satellite Internet.

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GlobalMedia, Content Distribution

GlobalMedia is a solution designed to transmit massive communication to strategic locations. Provides national coverage, and its best advantage is that management is in your own hands.

GlobalMedia allows you to create your own “TV channel” for the benefit of your business, where you can broadcast and provide any communication and audiovisual content from a central point to all your offices; such as special promotions, new products, information for internal use, stats, news, corporate messages, training courses in single or multiple locations, using the same material or different, according to the needs of your company.

Bitransmitter, Serial Port Solution

It is the ideal and most advanced solution to interconnect various serial port terminals geographically distributed at distant locations, allowing you access to information generated from one point to several points.

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Content Filtering

This solution allows you to maintain control of what users can have access on the Web within your business, for the best performance of operations and network optimization, through a full and effective web site filtering that goes beyond blocking sites.

The main objective is to provide your company or business with a cost-effective solution which should allow you to perform operations in an efficient manner with affordable and immediate return of investment.

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