Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about our GlobalSat services. Click on the question to get the answer.

Are GlobalSat services appropriate for me?

GlobalSat services are appropriate for…

  • Commercial and small Government offices
  • Fast file download and audio/video streaming (
  • Avoid telephone line delays and disconnections
  • E-learning (it does not apply for online video transmission)
  • Shared Internet for up to 25 simultaneous users
  • Computers with Windows 98, 98 SE, 2000, Me, Windows XP, MAC, Linux, UNIX
  • Navigate in the world wide web, email and instant messaging
  • All-time online Internet access

The GlobalSat service is not appropriate for…

  • Simultaneous Internet use for more than 25 users
  • Return intense traffic, like WEB Hosting and FTP servers
  • Frequently transfer of large files
How fast it is?
Download speed is up to 18 times faster than an ordinary MODEM connection of 28.8 Kbps and the upload speed can go up to 5 times faster. In one word, faster.
How does it work?
GlobalSat offers an asymmetric service; this means that the download broadband (the one that affects the file downloads and the way WEB sites are viewed) is proportionally greater than the upload. Your Internet connection will always be 24 hours 365 days a year available. Like any other Internet connection, speeds may vary depending on its use or traffic and in some occasions can be faster than in others.
Where is the GlobalSat service available?
GlobalSat service is virtually available anywhere in Mexico, if you have a clear view from the place of installation and without any obstructions towards the South-East sky, you can be a user of the GlobalSat service.
What are the minimum PC requirements?
Pentium II Processor 333 MHz or above and 128 MB RAM.
How long is installation time?
Our commitment is to install the equipment within a 15 day period after placing and paying your order. Within this interval one of our technicians will communicate with you to set the date and hour to install your satellite equipment.
What happens if my computer does not have an Ethernet port?
A lot of computers can be updated with an Ethernet port. We only recommend upgrading it if your computer has the above requirements.
Will I still need a modem or a telephone line?
No, our satellite system is a 2 way system which allows you to send and receive information via satellite, thus a telephone line is not necessary.
Why is it necessary for the satellite equipment to be installed by a professional?
It is a requirement established by the Secretary of Communication and Transportation.
Is it possible to install the system in a ship or a car?
Yes, because we have an ally provider of specialized equipment to provide offshore service, we also offer a service of self-steering antenna that can be mounted on a car in which you can access Internet only when the car is stopped and the antenna receive the satellite signal through this type of equipment.
Can I run the system through a network?
Yes, the system is designed to provide service from 1 to 25 computers, depending on the service hired. To interconnect several computers it is necessary to have additional hardware (switch or hub). In case you have a LAN network with a predefined address, the satellite link interconnection must be established through a router.
Does the system support VoIP?
Indeed the system supports GlobalSat users can place VoIP equipment.
Can I use a VPN with this system?
The satellite used is located at 36,000 km from Earth. Every data packet must be sent separately and recognized by the remote site. This process takes a long time. To speed up the delivery of those packets, technology is used to add packets and deliver them at the same time. VPN encrypt each data packet avoiding our technology to add those packets and considerably reducing delays. In case you need a VPN for a computer in an external network, it is possible, please contact our specialized staff.
Which software and online activities are not compatible with satellite service?
Your satellite connection will not prevent you from doing the things you love on the Web. However, some time-sensitive applications (remote applications and online games) do not work in the best way on a satellite connection. In contrast, Web pages and other Internet content download very fast.

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