Other Services Considerations.

Excludes Global MX Packages.

To hire a GlobalSat Satellite Internet Service, check out our Plans and Services in order for you to choose the one
that best suits the needs of your business.

If you have any doubts or require more information about the best option to purchase and/or lease our services
according to your connectivity needs, please contact us or find the closest GlobalSat authorized distributor.

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Steps for hiring GlobalSat Services

  1. Please verify the minimum computer requirements in order to get GlobalSat Services.

    Below you will find the minimum computer or network requirements to get GlobalSat Services:

    Minimum requirements for installation:

    • Processor:
      Intel Pentium 300 MHz or Mac G3 300 MHz.
    • Port:
      Ethernet Card 10/100 Mbps
      T Base.
    • OS:
      Windows 9.x or later

      Mac OS 9.x or later

      Linux (TCP/IP network support and Proxy connectivity).
    • Web Browser:nterne
      Firefox, Google Chrome, or any common browser.
    • Installation:
      6.56 sq ft available space for antenna.
      Ground jumper available.
  2. Choose any GlobalSat package.

  3. Once your Satellite Internet service is set up you will receive an invoice via email of your monthly
    usage Internet service, according to the contract.
  4. Check included services during the contract term.
    • Site inspection during installation visit
    • Equipment transportation to facilities of the customer
    • Installation, adjustment and Satellite VSAT equipment testing (Restrictions apply).
    • Corrective maintenance with replacement of damaged modules (only applies to LEASE plans)
    • Permanent support in the operation of the service
    • 24 hr technical support, 365 days a year
    • Access to the GlobalSat Customer Care services
    • Direct monitoring of your satellite link through our Customer Site

Important: We have the capacity to support Special configurations. For networks up to 10 services please contact one of our Sales representatives to provide you with a special offer.

We have different level of services in order to suit your needs; the prices shown below may vary according to the level.

    (619) 428-8889 | ventas@globalsat.com.mx


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